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Sustainable Growth Since 2010
AloEx ... we believe in sustainable growth.

From an abundance of natural resources in the province of northern Thailand to hair and scalp health products.
We believe that healthy hair isn't brittle, thin, torn, or easily shed.
The root of the hair should receive protein, vitamins, and essential nutrients that are suitable for the hair and scalp and that are sufficient to stop hair loss and reduce hair thinning. Sustainable hair regeneration.

Grow together with the community
The key to sustainable growth is to grow together with the community, so we see the importance of supporting local farmers by carefully selecting herbs from agricultural farms in northern Thailand. Great locations for planting and harvesting many quality medicinal plants in Chiang Mai, Lampang, and Mae Hong Son.
Grow with principles
We combine local herbal knowledge with modern knowledge. The research is certified by various institutions. Obtained from international research databases.  , It supports the quality and standard of AloEx products, including shampoos, hair treatments, and dietary supplements that have the effect of helping to reduce the risk of hair loss, thinning hair, and balding in both men and women, while effectively stimulating new hair growth.
Grow with care for the environment
All AloEx products, including shampoo, treatments, and supplements are cruelty-free products, with no trials with humans and animals. More importantly, we chose the Hydrosol method to distill herbs by steam. The same method is the extraction of essential oil, which is a production process that meets international standards to preserve value and the amount of important substances that are naturally beneficial to herbs. as perfectly as possible.

Grow with standards

The AloEx manufacturing plant has the GMP mark to support that every step of AloEx's production process is based on good product production criteria that meet international standards of cleanliness, safety and hygiene, both for personnel and consumers.

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