Q and A

Q:Why should I pay for such a high price?

A: Since our ingredients were persecuted from over 40 herbs some of them was used almost 100 kilograms for the purpose of making an essential oil only 10 cc, our product is exactly qualified by intensification and high quality.  In addition, some ingredients are long marinated before use with high technology use.  So, our product, we guarantee, is value for such a price.

Q: Can I use Hair spray to colouring my hair?

A:Exactly you can.  However, the suggestion of continuously use our spray at least 1 months is recommended.  The white hair would be reduced and replaced by the natural, black hair as well as the new growing hair will be natural balck.   Then, the time of  colouring your hair will decrease.  It may not cover all white but mostly your hair will be black.

Q: But I used it for a while, why had my hair still fallen?

A: Generally, after using for awhile, i.e. 1-2 weeks, the hair lossing would be decreased, especially using Shampoo and Serum.  It may be the case that you may comb your hair too heavily without anything related with hair follicle.  

So, here are the suggestions for taking caring your hair with our products :

  1. Do not use a narrow comb or brush
  2. Consider take care your hair even there is still healthy

Additionally, if you are concerning whether your fallen hair is affected from hair follicle or you just comb it too heavily, please observe when pruning.  All you want may just only change your comb in size and shape!